Remote, face-to-face Programmer Bootcamps with high-quality, immersive instruction

Our engaging remote personalized learning environment has all benefits of in-person instruction with the convenience and safety of online education. All students graduate ready to add value in an entry-level tech job and veterans using benefits like GI Bill ® still receive full BAH.

Spend 2021 preparing yourself for a great new future-proof career!

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What Makes Us Special?

  • Top Quality Tech Education

    Technology is on an exponential scale of development that pushes the boundaries of what is known every day. Coding is no exception to this evolution and, here at PDX Code Guild, we keep up with the pace by teaching the most up-to-date versions and updates of any program or language.

    Our instructors are proven programmers whose expertise falls within, and extends beyond, the scope of the curriculum. This allows our students tremendous flexibility when selecting capstone projects for themselves because they will receive support they need at any level of their development.

  • Community Centered Culture

    Real world developers rarely work on a project alone. Here, we cultivate collaboration through group projects and code reviews. We also host coding meetups after work hours which is open to the general public to encourage networking: a necessary step in securing work for any field. Furthermore, we maintain an open door policy for all students and alumni where any individual can seek the support they need for tech challenges, projects and career guidance.

  • Focused On The Individual

    Our students are individuals, not numbers on a page. We understand that each student has their own unique needs and talents. Maintaining smaller class sizes is essential to our mission to empower students to building a successful career in coding.

    We know that students will work harder on projects they are passionate about, so we ensure that capstone projects are tailored to students’ personal interests. This results in a strong, unique portfolio for each graduate which aids them break through the noise of other junior developers when applying for companies.

"I love that you can spend a week or two learning what a university would waste an entire semester trying to teach you. There's really no more efficient, or productive, way to dip your toes into programming and dive deep right away."

- Conner R, PDX Code Guild Alumni
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How Can PDX Code Guild Help You Get Your Dream Job?

  • Launch Your Career in Tech

    Are you longing for more interesting, satisfying work? Have you reached a ceiling in your current position? Looking for a career with robust growth potential? PDX Code Guild has helped students from all backgrounds break into the tech industry. Whether you goal is to become a programmer, level up into a more technical role, change positions, manage developers, start your own company or to launch an app, we’ll teach you the skills you need to be successful.

  • High-Paying Tech Careers with Robust Growth

    This school got started based on a need in the industry. There was simply not enough qualified developers to meet the demand. That trend continues today as Portland rapidly climbs the charts in top tech hubs in the nation. On average, entry-level U.S. programmers are making $64k per year, and over $250k at the top, making computer programming one of the highest-paying jobs in the nation that doesn’t require a degree. The average salary increase for a tech worker in the US if they move to

  • Flexible and Fulfilling Work

    Tech careers are high-paying, robust and flexible. PDX Code Guild Graduates have a wide variety of opportunities available to them. Graduates work as software developers, frontend developers, backend developers, quality assurance engineers, full-stack developers, entrepreneurs, contractors and more. Many work for a great tech company, some work remotely and some have started their own businesses. A few have become digital nomads. There are so many roles that require programming knowledge, you’re sure to find something you love to do! Commit to loving your job by breaking into the ever-evolving, satisfying and stimulating world of tech.