by PDX Code Guild - Sept. 20, 2015
Branding for Brainiacs

What happens when PrestoBox and PDX Code Guild, two Portland Startup Weekend Sponsors, get together?

This great workshop!

Join us for Branding For Brainiacs November 6th, 6:30pm @ PDX Code Guild Seats are limited; RSVP Here Startup founders rule. You are ready to reinvent the world with your brilliant idea for a startup. But to get your business off the ground you need to connect with customers. You need a brand. A brand is what the outside world thinks of you. It’s communicated in everything you do – from how you answer the phone, to the colors on your homepage, to the logo on your door. You need to figure out what you stand for and how that walks and talks. Your customers may care less about the nuts and bolts of your business than your colors.

Did you know… 92.6% of people say that visual dimension is the #1 influencing factor affecting their purchase decision? People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of viewing? Up to 90% of that is based on color! Come to this workshop to learn how to build your brand, including: – How to choose your colors – How to choose your fonts – How to choose your images – How to develop your voice – How to build your logo – How to build your website, business card & other branding elements Walk away from this workshop with: – Your brand personality – Tools to build your brand and win business – The ability to think like a creative (even if you’re not) This workshop is presented by PrestoBox, the world’s first automated branding agency. What used to cost thousands of dollars and take months of time now can happen at the snap of your fingers.