by PDX Code Guild - Oct. 18, 2017
Keep Your Day Job – Learn to Code

Not everyone can immerse themselves in a full-day bootcamp, which makes PDX Code Guild’s night class an excellent option for students with families or jobs.

Student Anne Woods gives us her insightful perspective as a full time employee who wanted to take her coding skills through a “major refresh”… Have questions about hiring our grads? Contact:


“I learned HTML and CSS around 2000, building sites in GoLive and Dreamweaver. I took a position at a company using an overseas development team. While I gained a lot of experience in writing directions, my coding skills atrophied. I realized my knowledge was outdated and I desperately needed JavaScript. I had no idea what web frameworks like Django were, or how modern non-CMS sites were built. I’d read reviews of other bootcamps where former students complained all they did in class was work thru online tutorials. I knew that was not for me. My brain works on a need-to-know-basis. I’ve gone through programming classes in the past and come out with an “A”, but with no feeling, I’d learned something I could apply in a real-world project. That’s NOT how we roll at PDX Code Guild! In the evening Web Development Bootcamp we work on a capstone project, almost from week

1. This allows the student to ask the question first and then seek the answer, with plenty of support from the instructor and teaching assistant. This is the best way to learn. Find your curiosity and then focus is there. And as an added bonus, you get a finished project at the end for your portfolio. Would you rather explain to an interviewer how many hours you’ve spent learning from tutorials, or show a project you built from scratch? As I’m entering the final month of the bootcamp, I’m feeling like I’ve learned a lot, and I still have a ways to go. But I understand the web development landscape now. I can code in Python. I’ve worked on a Django project. I can write JavaScript functions. I wish bootcamp were longer! I feel like I’ve gotten a taste, and now I want a bigger bite.”