by PDX Code Guild - Aug. 22, 2014
Luke Hammer: Family Man and Code Guild Alum

Luke is a family man. He was a fairly typical college student – pursuing a BA in Communications and smitten with his college sweetheart. Luke and his sweetheart, Toni, decided to get married.

They couldn’t afford to both be in school at the same time so Luke dropped out to support his young wife as she finished her BA. A few years later, Toni had graduated and Luke was working nights for UPS. He was able to return to school and finish out his BA. By this time, they had two little ones and Luke was committed to providing a good life for his children. After 6 months of job hunting, it was clear that the BA was not paying off with a job.

Luke enrolled in the night class at Code Guild. In speaking with Luke, I was incredibly impressed by his grit and determination. He worked, attended classes, was an active and involved Dad, and was diagnosed with diabetes. A typical day for Luke during this period looked like: 1pm Take kids to the park 2:30 Drive to Work 3pm Start work 5pm Drive to Code Guild 5:30 – 9:30 Code Guild 10pm – 4 am Finish Work After graduating from Code Guild, Luke interviewed with a wide range of companies. He walked away from an option to make 60k working in Salem.

He chose to work at Multnomah University because Multnomah University: Offers the flexibility which allows him to better connect with his family. Supports his continued learning. Ensures that the work he does contributes to a cause he believes in. Code Guild equipped Luke with skills that are valuable in the market which gave him the freedom to chose to work for an organization he believes in. Luke says the impact of Code Guild is that: “I look different. I feel and I look younger. My soul has recovered from being slowly poked. I hated being a part of a big organization where I couldn’t make an impact. Now – I push something and it moves! I can make significant changes here.”