by PDX Code Guild - Feb. 12, 2014
PDX Code Guild Offers $25k in Development Services

Have you ever had a business idea but didn’t have the tech knowhow to get moving?

More and more businesses want to incorporate web apps into their offerings, so PDX Code Guild is partnering with Portland Startup Weekend to offer the winner a development services package to help new business create their prototype. The PDX Code Guild team will help business founders further define what their app is, who will use it, and how it should work. After drafting some requirements, the PDX Code Guild team will start to put pen to paper, or rather, code to text editors, and build a prototype.

This provides startup founders with valuable knowledge of the technical scope of their app, as well as give them insight into how their app will work and what it will take to launch it. For the PDX Code Guild students, this gives them more hands-on learning and experience. “We think that one of the best ways of learning to code, is working on a project,” says Instructor and developer Grant Holly. “Our prize package is a win-win for startup founders and for our students who get ‘real-world’ hands-on experience not just coding, but the software development process,” he adds. If you are interested in learning the craft of coding, PDX Code Guild is offering an immersive 12 week session starting Jan 5th for the day class, and Jan 26th for the 16 week night class. Check out for details, or come by for one of their meetups on Monday night at 6.