by PDX Code Guild - May 10, 2014
Portland Startup Weekend 2014: Pitch. Build someth

Consider us at the PDX Code Guild both impressed and proud

We had 3 of our current students and two Code Guild graduates participate in the weekend, as well as 2 of our Advisors. PDXShelter, a team led by PDX Code Guild student Matthew Fountain and aided by schoolmate Ryan Perkins was the top winner of the evening. Their social enterprise startup, an app designed to bring real time shelter information to the homeless, took both Best Overall and Best Customer Validation. The team contacted and worked with several homeless shelters around the city, learning and listening. The team found that most of the homeless either have a smart phone, or access to one – making the real time information useful and priceless. The end result is a mobile app with a mapping tool, which provides real time answers to whether there’s a bed for them to sleep in, if they accept pets, and all essential information to those living on the street. Fourteen different teams presented their MVP’s (minimum viable products) at Portland Startup Weekend. TinkleTime, a sensor which attaches to diapers, was awarded Best Business Model. SmartStream – a device created to monitor E. Coli levels in water in real-time won the award for Best Execution.