by PDX Code Guild - June 15, 2016
Resources to Build your Portfolio: Free Code Camp

Alumni, recruiters, and teachers have each highlighted how important a portfolio is to getting hired. At a recent alumni event, I had the chance to talk to alums about resources they would recommend to build a portfolio in addition to the work that we do in class.

Alums recommended Hack Oregon, Free Code Camp, and StartUp Weekend.


Free Code Camp Mission Statement: Free Code Camp is a community of 200,000+ developers. Students learn to code and learn full stack JavaScript. They build a portfolio of apps that solve real problems for nonprofits.

What does participation look like: “Once you finish the first three certifications, you’ll get to build a series of solutions for nonprofits. You’ll work in pairs, under the supervision of a volunteer project manager and a stakeholder from the nonprofit.” ~ Micheal Code Guild Alums recommend Free Code Camp because: “I loved it though. It is refreshing and a nice change from video tutorials. I enjoy coding challenges and Free Code Camp adds the certificates as an incentive. . . (and) The exercises are challenging.” Micheal