by PDX Code Guild - May 24, 2017
What Happens after Graduation?
I talked with CTO, Chris Jones, about the experience of students after their bootcamp experience. Code Guild is in the process of compiling official data on student outcomes. In the meantime, Chris has mentored and tutored every class since the first class with which he graduated. In Chris’s experience, people who are dedicated to finding a job typically find a job. A month gap in between graduation and getting hired is typical. He recommends coding daily and alums dedicating themselves to finding a job as if it was their job. Code Guild supports students in their transition by providing continuous education support. Students are encouraged to continue spending time at Code Guild for the continued accountability and support. Most of the main building is dedicated to offering a comfortable space for students to continue their learning. Code Guild recently hired a teacher whose entire focus will be continuous education. Alums can continue to get their code related questions answered. Sheri, the head of Code Guild, has also offered to do a review of alums’ cover letter, resume, and social media to support them in finding a job. Meetups gather at Code Guild in the evening which give alums the opportunity to network, contribute to projects, and ask questions. Alison Acuna