by PDX Code Guild - Feb. 5, 2015
8 Rocking Capstones
One of the benefits of a Code Guild education is our capstone process. Our industry partners consistently share that Code Guid capstones are very advanced. We are extremely proud of our graduates and their successful capstone projects. In no particular order, here is a sample of 8 recent capstone projects: Sarah Fellows – Brenan Looms Website A full website with ecommerce functionality designed to suit client specifications. Shawn Waldow – A fantasy MMA App that allows MMA enthusiasts worldwide to bet on and play fantasy MMA. Katie Dover- Cupboard A recipe finder based on the ingredients in your cupboard. Easy to use user-interface and beautiful design with flawless API integration. Andrew Theis – SeekHue A web app that deconstructs image files and analyze the pixel color values to create a “hue-map”. Chris Knight – A web app that will allow users to look up information about various essential oils. Erin Fough – Bias-Tracker An app designed to give a person the ability to track unconscious gender bias in an organizational setting. Justin Epperly – Shirt Factory A web app that allows users to upload an image, transform that image to ASCII art, and render the transformed artwork as an image on a shirt. Alison Acuña – Community CRM The Community CRM is a tool that tracks member engagement through a member engagement score and helps community managers decide how to increase engagement.