by Sheri Dover - Oct. 17, 2018
All About Financial Aid

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   We strive to be as honest and transparent as possible. There are no marketing tricks here, but we can still make one promise. When you compare the quality of education and price, PDX Code Guild is a better value than our competitors. We’re authentic, 100% taught in-person by qualified instructors, (No class time spent taught by videos or T.A.'s!) local, and committed to serving our community.



Tuition is $12,500. We offer a needs-based discount of up to $8500. Additional discounts are available if $8000 of the tuition is paid in full seven days before the start of class. Additional grants also available that pay for a portion or all of tuition, on top of the previously mentioned discounts. For military: We accept Veterans’ benefits including the G.I. Bill®


There are 4 main ways to pay for tuition:

#1: Need-Based Discount

PDX Code Guild offers a very liberal needs-based discount. In general, if you’re considered having a moderate-income level or less, you’ll most likely qualify. If you do qualify, tuition drops to $8,500. There’s also an additional $500 discount if you are able to pay-in-full $8,000 7 days before the first day of class. How-To Apply: Talk with an advisor or Sheri (the Director) about this during your interview and they’ll get you the application.


#2: SkillsFund

SkillsFund is a company who partners with specific, qualified bootcamps to offer private loans for tuition. Anyone can apply for this no matter his or her income level. The loan interest rates are competitive with private tuition loans you’d get through your bank, but the benefit is you only make principal payments while you’re in bootcamp. Skills fund also offers a $7,500 cost of living stipend if you’re taking the day bootcamp. Principle payments don’t start until after graduation! Apply: You’ll need to be accepted into PDX Code Guild before you apply in order to know how much you’ll need to borrow. Again, we can walk you through this process.


#3: In-House Payments T

his option is for those who do not qualify for the need-based discount, as the two cannot work together. Pay half tuition, $6,250, before class starts and then $125 payments monthly while you’re in class until you get a job. Once you get a job, payments will be 8% income, or $350, whichever is less.


#4: Grants

There are numerous grants available, and most of our students qualify for a grant to help pay tuition. A few of those grants come from • Work Source • Trade Act • Workman’s compensation • And more



We've gathered around us the best in the field to provide you with every opportunity to pay for this course. Just reach out to us and we can help you discover what’s possible! Contact us here.