by PDX Code Guild - Dec. 21, 2016
Code Guild Alumni Party

Code Guild’s Alumni Network hosted their first event last month.

Graduates from each of Code Guild’s graduating classes were invited. Students reconnected, played games, and talked about life after Code Guild. The Code Guild Alumni network was launched by and is entirely run by Code Guild alumni.

Alums willingness to step up and launch an alumni network really highlights that: Code Guild is a community. Alums are invested in their alumni network. Alums are putting effort into staying connected to Code Guild even after graduating and getting hired.

An Alumni Network is valuable because it can help: Expand students and alums personal network. Help students and alums get jobs. Build the name recognition and the perceived value of the Code Guild experience. Code Guild Alums stay connected through a slack channel as well.

Typical topics on the Code Guild Alumni Slack Channel include: Job opportunities. Cool conferences and tech experiences. Updates about Code Guild happenings like graduation.