by PDX Code Guild - May 12, 2015
Code Guild Review
I was delighted to come across this review of PDX Code Guild on Course Report. The authorÆs experience differs from mine in terms of individual projects but really resonated in terms of class size, depth of material, and career support. ôI had a great experience at PDX Code Guild. I just completed their 4 month Evening FullStack Development Program, which covers Python, Javascript, CSS/HTML, SQL and Django. The program emphasizes quality over quantity of work, so in each section we learned the basics of the technology, completed a small instructor led project, and then completed a custom custom design project, with input and guidance from our instructor. The projects I worked on are as follows: Python: Todo list/Task Manager Weather Forecast App using Mini HTTP Server HTML/CSS A personal portfolio website Javascript: Yahtzee Game E-Commerce Front end using AJAX to query product info SQL: A SQL back end for the E-Commerce Project Python/Django Blogging Platform Capstone Project (mine was a recipe engine that created a cocktail recipe book based on the ingredients you had on hand). The classes are small (max of 12), so you get a lot of time with your instructor, and they are able to go in depth into software design concepts and design patterns. They also offer advice and career guidance, help you organize your LinkedIn and Github and provide professional headshots. I worked full time (as many of my classmates did), and the hours were long. There is no homework, but I think that in order to get the best results, one should set aside the 4 month period for learning. I spent many nights and weekends perfecting my projects, and it paid off. I received a job offer the day after class finished from the #1 firm I wanted to work for. I have also been contacted by recruiters in other local tech firms based on the strength of my LinkedIn and portfolio. I accepted the offer, which was more than a 50% raise from my current position. Fair warning, PDX Code Guild advises that it typically takes 3-6 months for a student to find employment after completion, so YMMV. They also advised not to take offers under a certain level (IÆll leave it to the Code Guild to provide that information), and the offer I received was over the number they recommended. Over all I am very happy, and would definitely recommend PDX Code Guild.ö Alison Acuna