by PDX Code Guild - Jan. 10, 2017
Making Your First Open Source Contribution on GitH
Miguel Grinberg gave an amazing talk at Open Source Bridge about Making Your First Contribution on GitHub. I have been encouraged to contribute to open source projects but wasn’t sure precisely how. Here are 5 things that struck me about his talk + a link to the video so you can watch it start to finish. Look for a project to contribute to that has between 100 and 1000 starts. A project with more than 100 stars is one that other people contribute to. The creator therefore has experience working with contributors. From Miguel’s perspective, less than 1000 stars indicates that the project is still manageable for the creator. Imposter syndrome holds people back from contributing to open source. The desire to contribute to open source is sufficient proof that you are good enough. Fixing typos in the ReadMe is an appropriate and acceptable contribution to an open source project. If you find a project you want to contribute to, feel free to lurk for a bit. Lurking shows you how people contribute, how decisions are made, and how they progress. Be a good guest. In the same way that you follow the customs of the house in which you are a guest, follow the customs of the project to which you are contributing. By accepting the code, the maintainers of the project are agreeing to maintain it forevermore. It needs to be designed in a way that is comfortable for them to maintain. Watch this video from Miguel for step by step instructions about how to make the pull request, make changes, and submit it for approval.