by PDX Code Guild - April 3, 2015
My First Week at Code Guild

Bootcamp is fast and intensive and we push our students do more than just code. Read how student Jordan Hewus describes coding, meet-ups, and the exhilarating end to frustration…. Since arriving at Code Guild, I’ve found myself finding enjoyment in strange unknown places. Walking into programming from day 1 has proven quite the experience for myself and my fellow classmates. From learning Python syntax to creating our own web apps, it has been a great change of pace from a the traditional collegiate setting. My first awesome moment was finishing an address book program from scratch. I first began by listing features I wanted to implement then used what seemed like limited knowledge and skills received in my short time here and ended up actually writing usable code. It was a great feeling to run my application and know that everything worked without error! The best part is, I now use this project app to store my family and friend’s contact info.

I have also discovered Portland’s many Tech meet-ups. In my short time since relocating to Portland, I have attended various meet ups from “Learning Vim Text Editor” to “Perl Mongers”. Although I don’t understand everything talked about, I feel it’s important to socialize and network with others in the tech community. Not to mention I learned some awesome commands for VIM that I would have had no idea existed! Now don’t get confused as I might be making this all sound like a walk in the park. This has not been easy for me having started from the beginning with no prior programming knowledge. Programming can be very frustrating, which I’ve found by staring at my code for hours trying to figure out what went wrong, only to find my error and have it be something as simple as a small typo! But after all that frustration, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is such a great feeling. I believe these frustrations only make me want to learn more!