by PDX Code Guild - Jan. 8, 2016
Quick Notes: GitHub
Quick Notes are designed to be a helpful reference for someone who has learned about a subject but not yet memorized the material. Text in blue is user dependent. Text in green changes and can be pulled from a set number of options. I crafted these for my setup which is a Mac OS, Atom text editor with fish installed. I hope you find them useful as well. However, if these particular instructions don’t work for you, you may find the basic structure of crafting quick notes valuable even if these particular quick notes aren’t right for your set up. GitHub Commit New In Terminal: echo “file name” >> .gitignore git init On GitHub: Create a new repository on GitHub In Terminal: git remote add origin url git remote add . git commit- m “message” git push – u origin master GitHub Update git add . git commit -m “message” git push – u origin master Other git push options I use frequently Profile Site: git push -u gh pages master Project Site: git push -u origin gh pages