by PDX Code Guild - April 12, 2017
Resources to Build your Portfolio: Hack Oregon

Alumni, recruiters, and teachers have each highlighted how important a portfolio is to getting hired. At a recent alumni event, I had the chance to talk to alums about resources they would recommend to build a portfolio in addition to the work that we do in class. Alums recommended Hack Oregon, Free Code Camp, and StartUp Weekend.


Hack Oregon Mission Statement: Hack Oregon is a community-powered non-profit building civic data projects to promote engagement, awareness, and quality of life.

What does participation look like: Hack Oregon “tries to keep everyone’s contribution between 5-10 hours per week. Part of that estimation includes pizza-fueled discussions during weekly in-person build sessions. If that’s not a fit for you (maybe you’re not local or have kids, or you just like to work alone) we can scale your participation to fit your lifestyle.” Code Guild Alums recommend Hack Oregon because Evan Palmer and Aaron DeVore liked being involved with Hack Oregon because it is an opportunity to make an impact. The project they worked on last year – – was mentioned in the legislature and contributed to the conversation about raising the minimum wage in Oregon. They highlighted it as a good portfolio-builder for recent grads because it is open source, published on GitHub, and an opportunity to work on a team.