by PDX Code Guild - Nov. 24, 2016
Why Does PDX Code Guild Start With Python?
“Why start with Python?” It’s a question we get asked over and over again. Why not teach another programming language like Ruby or Java? The answer is simple: It comes down to providing the best education for all of our students. At the beginning of the bootcamp, we use Python as a tool to teach the basics of programming because of its easy syntax and readability incomparable to any other language. Instead of focusing on training students in one specific language, we use Python to teach basic data types and transferable skills applicable to most languages to get them ready to enter the workforce as an entry-level developer – with the skills to easily pick up any language and excel at it. In addition to Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Django we also teach best practices and team skills found in most tech companies. We find that by the end of the bootcamp, your classmates are more like coworkers. This is achieved by using git and GitHub with group projects, pair programming, and personal projects as well as using scrum to organize and accomplish tasks as pairs, teams, and individual students. By the final week, with practical programming skills in some of the most popular languages, a unique capstone, and real-life industry practice, each individual student is prepared to be the best programmer they can be!