by PDX Code Guild - March 1, 2017
Why Students Come to PDX Code Guild

We recently asked our students why they chose PDX Code Guild. Our question comes from our belief that developers not only need to program eloquent solutions to coding challenges but also be able to communicate their thoughts clearly using the written word. We are working hard to not just make developers but people companies want on their teams. Read how Pat Farnach puts it eloquently all together… Although there are a lot of web development bootcamps out there, the decision wasn’t too difficult for me.

One of the main draws to the school was the fact PDX code guild teaches Python which is a very prevalent, flexible language that’s used in and outside of web development. If I ever decide to go in an academic route, I’ll be well prepared to work with research data. Or if I just want to write scripts to run on my computer, I can do that easily with Python. I’m more interested in web development, but it’s nice to have options. I also like that the school is in Portland, OR, which is a great city that just so happens to have a burgeoning tech scene. Finding a job after the class will be much easier than if I had gone to school in other cities. Coming from Upstate NY, the weather here doesn’t really bother me, and there’s no shortage of entertainment, good beer, and nature within arm’s reach. Another thing that drew me to the school is the price. A lot, maybe most code schools, charge an exorbitant amount for 3-month classes with much higher student-to-teacher ratios. My class has 10 students, so that means we get a lot of one-on-one time with the teacher who really knows his stuff. So far I’m really happy with my decision to come to Portland to take this class and I’m excited to see where it takes me.