Financial Aid


We strive to be as honest and transparent as possible. There are no marketing tricks here, but we can still make one promise. When you compare quality of education and price, PDX Code Guild is a better value than our competitors. We're authentic, 100% taught in-person by qualified instructors, (No classtime spent taught by videos or T.A.'s!) local, and committed to serving our community.

There are 6 main ways to fund tuition.

  1. Need-Based Discount PDX Code Guild offers a very liberal needs-based discount. If your yearly household income is approximately 300% or less of the 2019 federal poverty level. You will qualify on a sliding scale. Sometimes a partial discount will be applied to applicants who exceed the income guideline if they have circumstances that create need. If you do qualify, tuition drops significantly. See class page to see the range of discounts that apply to each class. How-To Apply: Send an essay describing your financial need and any factors that contribute to your need for the discount and how you'll use the education to [email protected].
  2. Military Students who qualify for Veterans' benefits may use them at PDX Code Guild.
  3. Cash pay discount On occasion, a student will have a portion of their tuition that they pay out of pocket. If your out-of-pocket payment of $1,000 or more and you're able to pay it on or before the first day of class you qualify for an additional $500 discount.
  4. Grants There are numerous 3rd party grants available, and most of our students qualify for a grant to help pay tuition. A few of those grants come from • WorkSource • Trade Act • Workman's compensation • And more. Make an appointment with an advisor to learn more.
  5. Payments Pay 25% of full tuition before class starts and then the remainder of your tuition paid before the 26th day after bootcamp starts. Note: Due to VA requirements, payments must be received on time. Because of this, any discounts the student is eligible are awarded when the second payment is made.
  6. Lay-Away Payments are made in any amount and frequency by an accepted applicant before bootcamp starts until the full tuition amount is paid in full. Tuition is held for the student until the bootcamp start date. If the student ends up not enrolling or attending, the tuition will be refunded.

Have questions about financial aid?

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