Advanced Portfolio Bootcamp

Level up your skills quickly and build your portfolio with the guidance and direction of a senior developer. Stay on track with a career coach.

Rolling Enrollment

Enrollment is limited to four students/week.

Who is advanced Portfolio for?

Advanced Portfolio Bootcamp is for Junior Developers who:

  • Have completed programmer bootcamp, Computer Science coursework, or the equivalent.
  • Have built at least one full-stack web app.
  • Are able to come to bootcamp with portfolio piece ideas.
  • Can use documentation and the internet to complete coding challenges like writing a program in a new language or use a new library.
  • Want to keep growing as a programmer while you search for a job in the tech industry.
  • Want the guidance of a career coach to help you find a job faster.

What happens in Advanced Portfolio Bootcamp?

There are two instructors in the Advanced Portfolio Bootcamp. One is a senior developer and one is a career coach. The senior developer leads portfolio work for 20 hours each week. The career coach leads job search workshop for 15 hours/week.

Students are expected to attend at least 2 meetups/week after class. Students can go in groups.

When you first enroll in Advanced Portfolio, your Portfolio Instructor will help you work your portfolio ideas into a portfolio plan that is doable in the time you have available, will give you opportunity to learn some new skills and refine old ones while you build your portfolio. Your Career coach will set you up with a detailed plan for how to go about your job search and will get you started.

A normal day begins with a half hour for coding challenges, followed by 15 minutes for standup. During standup, each student states what they worked on yesterday and reports significant progress, setbacks and/or breakthroughs. Finally, students say what they are planning to accomplish that day. Your Portfolio Instructor will be available for the rest of the portfolio section of the class to answer questions when you get stuck, to review code, and to help you identify new projects as old ones are finished.

Afternoons will be spent on your job search. You will start with another 15-minute standup focused on your job search. Your career coach will be available to keep you on track, answer questions, and look over the many documents you will produce in your job search, Most of the time will be spent workshopping your job search. Other activities will include short lectures, recruiter visits, guest talks from hiring managers, whiteboard interview practice, mock interviews and reports from students on interview and networking experiences.

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Enrollment is on a rolling basis and is limited to four students/week.