Prospective Students

Who is this program right for?

  • Are you ready for a career change? Want to break into the tech industry?

  • Looking to advance to more technical roles within your current company?

  • Are you ready to go all-in on your new idea as an Entrepreneur?

  • Looking to enhance your skills and get work experience while also in college?

  • Want the tech skills that offer the biggest variety of career choices?

  • Are you a Freelancer? Do you want to enhance your skills or start something new?

If any of the above describes you and you're ready to attend the best programmer bootcamp, talk with an advisor

What will I learn?

Unlock your potential! We have a proven track for individuals who are serious about becoming the best in the field and leveraging our comprehensive curriculum to reach their desired outcome. At PDX Code Guild, we go beyond basic syntax and one-language classes.

In addition to Full-Stack Python (Which includes Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Database design, API’s and more), Bootcamp students learn all of the foundational professional skills programmers use everyday in almost every programming language. You will be able to transfer your full-stack Python skills to a wide variety of technical jobs in most programing languages. The future is yours!

Two-Step Enrollment Process

  1. Interview

    We always strive for the one-on-one experience, that’s why we individually interview every student that goes through our course.

    To ensure our students have all of their questions answered and they are ready for the commitment it takes to be successful, each applicant will meet with an advisor to review their individualized needs and goals. It’s also a great opportunity for applicants to tour the school, see a class in action and meet members of the community.

  2. Official Application

    The application process; interview and Intro to Programming class are tools that we use to determine if you are ready for and able to benefit from our highly effective, intense, fast-paced bootcamp. Don’t worry, our mission is to help as many people as we can get access to great careers in tech. If you’re not ready yet, we will advise you on how to prepare and offer you mentorship along the way.

    Request Interview and Application

What is the path?

  • Intro to Programming
  • Full-Stack Python-Based Developer Bootcamp
  • Get a High-Paying Job in Tech!

Most students start with Intro to Programming. Even advanced students find value in starting with the fun and fast-paced intro course, although they do have the option of testing out of it and going straight into bootcamp. It’s a great warm-up for the intense bootcamps.

The Python-Based Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp is the main course at PDX Code Guild. With a proven track record of getting graduates great jobs and world-class curriculum delivered by passionate industry-experienced instructors to small groups of students, the Python-Based Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp is the primary bootcamp at PDX Code Guild. Hundreds of students have transformed their lives with the bootcamp and are happily working in high-paying jobs in the tech industry.

  • Graduate-Level (Advanced) Bootcamps
  • Obtain Advanced Skills for Higher-Paying Tech Jobs!

Graduate School for Programmers? Absolutely! Advanced Portfolio and Advanced JavaScript (React and Node) bootcamps are for industry professionals, bootcamp graduates, and recent Computer Science graduates who want to gain sought-after advanced skills. These classes are especially popular with with Computer Science graduates who want the pieces they missed during their coursework - a better understanding of practical programmer skills and a portfolio with working web apps. The advanced bootcamps have hours conducive to conducting a job search or working while going to school.

Why PDX Code Guild?

Moving beyond the syntax of individual languages, learning universal programmer practices and how to THINK like a programmer is most of the battle and the basis of what it takes to be versatile and successful in the tech industry. It’s also a skill set that most bootcamps miss in their curriculum. At PDX Code Guild, we go deeper to give you the skills you need to go where opportunity and desire take you. We arm you with the highest quality education and the top in-demand skills needed in the workforce right now. We give you small class sizes, highly qualified teachers, in-person 1-on-1 attention, after-hours workspace and assistance, job placement suport and alumni resources.

Our courses start with Python because it has an approachable syntax for an object-oriented language. It’s not as “cluttered” as other languages like Java, C#, or C++. This helps demystify programming for people who are getting their feet wet. Python is very flexible and is used widely from system administration to research to gaming engines to functional programming.

Our students learn fundamentals in Python which we then expand upon with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 into full stack development with one of Python’s most popular and widely used frameworks: Django.


Having worked with numerous successful veterans in the past, PDX Code Guild is thrilled that students can use their GI Bill® to attend bootcamps at PDX Code Guild!

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